Tribals in Wayanad

A vast majority of Scheduled Tribes in Wayanad depend on Forest either as an abode or as a source of living. Many colonies are located inside forest and many others are located on the fringe of forest. Scheduled Tribe population in Wayanad is a classic example for sustainable reliance on natural resources. In Wayanad, the fauna of deep jungles are in harmony with Scheduled Tribe population. Culture and Tradition of many tribal groups in Wayanad have close linkage with Forest. In fact, forest is a vital resource that has immaculate relationship with Tribal Lineage of Wayanad.

Sustainable existence of any population is dependent on its ability to adapt with surroundings. The Tribal Groups of Wayanad, who are living inside or on the fringe of Forests are the best living examples of successful adaptation with natural habitat. They live in harmony with the flora and fauna. Their aspirations, ambitions, expectations, outlook, and living requirements are shaped in tune with the melody of nature. Their lives are closely woven and interspersed with the beautiful springs, winds, shrubs, blossoms, greens and fauna. Such a community should be able to live their lives in full grace and in full harmony with nature which is developed to its fullest possible magnitude.

Rights of these forest living tribes need be recognised in accordance with the The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. As part of this recognition process, a total number of 4455 individual rights are recognised and Record of Rights has been issued to the beneficiaries. One hundred and two Development Rights and 123 Community Rights are also recognised.