Tribal Development Activities - Land


  • No of Landless Families at the start of FY 2014-15 : 7427
  • No of families for which land issued during FY 2014-15 : 350
  • No of landless families as of now : 7077
  • Land is being identified and distributed to tribal families so as to ensure number of landless families is brought down to Zero
  • 313.39 acres of land received from Forest department for distribution to Landless Tribes is being demarcated. It will be distributed to landless tribes.
  • Record of Rights under Forest Rights Act has been issued to 4455 families (total 3187.6 Acre)
  • Under the “Aashikkum Bhoomi Adivasikk” scheme, 115.74 acres of land is distributed to 350 landless families. The process is ongoing to allot land for more families this year.
  • Under the Zero Landless (Citizens) Kerala 2015 scheme, 4.08 Acre land is distributed to 136 ST families
  • 486.61 acre Land was distributed to 660 families under Kerala Scheduled Tribes (Restriction on Transfer of Lands and Restoration of Alienated Lands) Act.
  • Another project in which Tribal resettlement is being done is TRDM (Tribal Resettlement and Development Mission)
  • There are 5 TRDM sites in the district viz, Sugandhagiri, Pookode, Kunnathidavaka, Cheengeri and Karapuzha

Land distributed under TRDM

SiteNo of families to which Land is distributedExtent of land distributed (Acre)Remarks
Sugandhagiri43719985 acre x 382
2 acre x 33
1 acre x 22
Pookode883125 acre x 42
2 acre x 46
Kunnathidavaka39391 acre x 39
Cheengeri2182181 acre x 218
Karapuzha9880.291 acre x 21
0.77 acre x 77

Details of non-forest land allotted to Tribes in Wayanad District

DescriptionNo of casesExtent (acres)Extent (Hectare)
Aasikkum Bhoomi Aadivasikk scheme350115.7446.8583
Zero Landless (Citizens) Kerala1344.021.6275
Tribal Rehabilitation and Development Mission (TRDM)
TRDM Sugandhagiri4371998.00808.9069
TRDM Pookode88312.00126.3158
TRDM Kunnathidavaka3939.0015.7895
TRDM Karappuzha9880.2932.5061
TRDM Cheengeri218218.0088.2591