Tribal Development Activities in Wayanad


  • Steps have been taken to prevent dropout and re-enroll dropout children
  • Steps have been taken to provide Pre-primary education to all ST children
  • Special Camp was conducted on 18.9.2014 to ensure admission in Higher Secondary Course for all eligible ST students. A total number of 323 students turned up during the Special Camp. Additional seats were created in Higher Secondary schools to accommodate them. Special drive of the same line will be taken this year also to ensure admission of all ST students in Higher Secondary courses
  • Process of establishing a Tribal College is ongoing
  • There are 5 Model Residential Schools and 28 Pre-matric Hostels in Wayanad district
  • It is proposed to establish three Post Matric Hostels in Wayanad for ST students
  • There are 3 Tailoring training institutes and 2 Carpentry training institutes exclusively for ST students
  • There are 8 Peripatetic schools, 5 Vikasvadis and 8 Kindergartens exclusively for ST students


  • There is one District Hospital, 3 Taluk HQ Hospitals, CHCs and PHCs in this district
  • There are 6 ambulances in the direct control of ST Development Department which are being used for the sole benefit of Scheduled Tribes who are in need
  • Urgent financial assistance for Medical Care is being provided by District Collector/ Tribal Development Officers/ Prject Officer ITDP
  • Special Care is exercised for Tribal Health care by frequent visit to Colonies by Medical teams
  • Sickle Cell Anemia patients are provided with Financial Assistance and Food Supplements
  • Special Care is being exercised to clean and chlorinate drinking water sources and provide proper drainage facilities
  • Special Healthcare attention is being provided in Kyasanur Forest Disease affected areas


  • Action is taken to provide Job Card under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS to all Tribal Families
  • 166 Auto rikshaws are distributed to ST women
  • Tribal Workers Societies are formed Grama Panchayat wise. It will be entrusted with the construction work of all ST welfare schemes. It will generate more job opportunities for ST workers.


  • Alcohol abuse is a main issue faced by ST population. Through joint effort of Revenue, Police and Excise departments availability of illegal liquor has been eliminated. Frequent raids are conducted to ensure that illegal liquor is neither made nor distributed.
  • Availability of Legal Liquour through retail outlets is another issue to be checked. At present an adult can get 3 litres of IMFL from retail outlets. Govt is requested to reduce this limit to 1 litre in Wayanad district
  • De-addiction services are extended from Govt Taluk HQ Hospital, S.Bathery. Three full fledged De-addiction units will be opened.


  • COLONY MITHRAM is a program constituted in Wayanad district. Under this program the District Administration is visiting Tribal Colonies on Third Wednesday of each month. During the visit, grievances and development deficits are identified; orders are issued to concerned department for resolving the issue. 396 issues are resolved so far through this initiative.
  • To make the scene better and to ensure availability of Government services to ST population, a dedicated 24 x 7 TRIBAL HELPLINE AND WELFARE MONITORING CELL is constituted. Help is being rendered from this dedicated cell.
  • ST Population can call the toll free number 1077 to access TRIBAL HELPLINE 24 hours
  • This special Helpline Cum Cell is aimed at converging activities of various departments and to give final shape for Tribal Development Plans
  • A Comprehensive Survey will be conducted covering all the Tribal Families and collecting all the data. It will be kept in digitized format. Through constant updation, it can serve as a base point for all developmental planning and deficit monitoring.