Authorities involved in the process of Recognition of Community Forest Right

A. Gram Sabha: The Gram Sabha convened by the Gram Panchayat. Gram Sabha initiates the process of Recognition of Forest Rights. It collects claims from interested parties through FRC. It verifies, deliberate and determine the nature and extent of Forest Rights. Then it passes a resolution detailing the names of beneficiaries and nature of forest right entitled to each beneficiary. The said resolution is then sent to the SDLC.

B. Forest Rights Committee (FRC): The Gram Sabha shall elect a Forest Rights Committee from its members. One third of FRC members shall be Scheduled Tribes. One third of the FRC members shall be Women. The FRC shall elect a Chairman and Secretary, and details shall be informed to the Sub Divisional Committee. Upon instruction from the Gram Sabha the FRC collects claims from Beneficiaries. The FRC examines each claim and records its findings. Claims along with such findings will then be forwarded to the Gram Sabha. Wherever necessary the FRC can participate in deliberations of Gram Sabha to substantiate the need for recognising the claimed Right.

C. Sub Divisional Committee (SDLC) : This committee has constant liaison and interaction with Gram Sabhas and FRCs. SDLC receives resolutions passed by the Gram Sabhas. SDLC examines the nature and applicability of Claims. If the claim is recognisable as per the act, then it will be accepted by the SDLC and forwarded to the DLC with its recommendation. If he claim is not acceptable as per the act, then the same will be rejected by the SDLC and the matter will be informed to the concerned Gram Sabha and FRC.

D. District Level Committee (DLC) : This committee considers the recommendations received from the SDLC. Deliberations and scrutiny will be done by the committee on each claim. Then, if he claim is acceptable under the Act, it will be Recognised. In case of Community Right, a TITLE OF COMMUNITY FOREST RIGHT will be issued by this committee in recognition of the right.

E. State Level Monitoring Committee (SLMC) : This committee monitors the progress of Right Recognition process. It devises criteria and indicators to monitor the process.